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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Tomb of Tu Duc

Tomb of Tu Duc is nestled in a vast pine forest in Thuong Ba Village, around 7km from Hue’s centre. It covers an extensive area of 12 hectares with nearly 50 constructions, including lakes, mounts, palaces, pavilions, temples, altars, etc. The complex is also well protected by a thick wall curving around the hillsides. Different from other somber tombs, Tomb of Tu Duc offers a romantic and relaxing ambiance as it also incorporates some buildings for the king’s residency. It has a large lake where the emperor used to boat and relax in a lakeside pavilion to compose poetry. Despite its labor-intensive construction, the tomb is well believed to not house the corpse of Tu Duc but another unknown place around Hue. 


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